Andrew Fernyhough

Our mission

​​Further Develop the Bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Australia


Increase trade between the countries


Protect the interests of Kazakhstan and its citizens in Australia.

Welcome to the consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Melbourne. Duties performed and services offered include:

  • Protection of the interests of Kazakhstan and assistance to Kazakhstan nationals.

  • Foster friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Kazakhstan and the State of Victoria and other Australian states through the promotion of tourism, trade and investment.

  • Meet with Kazakh nationals on matters affecting their social well-being. 

  • Visit nationals who have been arrested or incarcerated and make notification as required. 

  • Provide advice and recommend appropriate legal representation for nationals who contact the consulate.

  • Encourage annual observation and/or celebration of Independence and other cultural milestones for Kazakhstan nationals in Australia.

  • Meet regularly with Australian government officials and leaders to explain Kazakhstan’s interests and to assist them in obtaining information on policy and protocol.

  • Provide and maintain a vital link with these officials, the Kazakhstan Government and its nationals who reside in this jurisdiction.

  • Perform other functions as designated by the Government of Kazakhstan, including the provision of diplomatic representation at bilateral or international events.


Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Duties and Services

With close family ties in Kazakhstan Andrew is a great appreciator of Kazakh culture and traditions. 

One of Andrew's key passions is the development of commercial relations between Australia and Kazakhstan. 

He has over a decade of experience in doing business in Kazakhstan. He is a director of Silk Television, which distributes TV programming in over 20 of the world’s key developing markets. Andrew is also CEO of Australasia Pacific Pty Ltd which provides market access, consultancy and market representation for companies entering international markets.

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